Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wall Street Journal

I saw a link to this today and wasn't entirely certain if it was a joke or not.

I do finally understand why Romney thinks that middle income is $250K a year - he's been reading the Wall Street Journal. Here's a link to a more accurate graph of income in the US - provided by the US Census Bureau. Note the part that shows the over $250K income as being the TOP TWO PERCENT OF HOUSEHOLDS.

The easy target from the WSJ article is the single parent (with the picture showing a mother) making $260K a year. I've known many single parents throughout my life, and NONE of them made anywhere near $260K a year. Admittedly, I know very few people making $260K a year or over anyway. Most of them were in borderline poverty.

Do a search for "single mother income" and have a look at the articles like this, or this. "Half of single mother families have an annual income less than $25,000." - "Two fifths of single mother families are poor, triple the poverty rate for the rest of the population." - "Three quarters of homeless families are single mother families."

What part of that sounds like a family making $260K a year?

Oh, and according to the article by The Nation, 80% of single parents are mothers. So the WSJ got the PICTURE right, even if they had the income off by an order of magnitude.

I live in one of the highest-income areas of the US, and I think I make a large amount of money. Which is not even half of the incomes from that WSJ article. Let me run that by you again - I consider myself wealthy (which the Census graph supports) and I make LESS THAN HALF of what the WSJ implies is AVERAGE.

Given, nobody making $26K a year reads the WSJ. It's probably because they are too busy working multiple jobs to feed their families, but I'd like to think that those people are too smart to bother reading that load of crap.


There may be a few single parents out there actually making $260K a year, and I'm glad you have the income to be able to provide for your children. Your taxes are going up about $280 a month. My suggestion is to lose the Lexus and get a Honda instead - they're much cheaper and still really good cars.


Side note: why do the brunette / redhead couple have four blonde children? Guy needs to ask some questions, I think.

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