Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kul initial hacking

So I hacked together a few lines of Ruby that do a little of what I talked about in the last post. For a given path, it checks for the presence of a .rb at that path, runs it, then tries to run a template at the same path.

I already don't like it. For starters, I can already see it'll generate too many files. If every path has a .rb and a .erb, there's gonna be a ton of files, and while it puts connected files near each other, I'm not sure it'll be clear to new users why the separation exists.

It's also completely NOT object-oriented. My previous posts go into great detail about my feelings on OO, and it seems silly to throw that away.

Finally, it's completely convention - there is no way to easily override that convention.

I think I'm going to put in something similar to rails model, where there's a controller.rb that holds the code for the various actions. That gives us good separation of concerns, limits the number of files, and gives us a place to override the defaults.

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