Friday, March 29, 2013

Almost there

Have Kul working fairly well. Getting the Rspec tests in place helped a ton - I've been using TDD since they've been working and the code is developing rapidly. Libraries like this are a great place to practice TDD - they tend to be very friendly to the process.

The framework does html, js, and css files, along with coffeescript and sass compilation on the fly. Templates with a .html.erb extension get rendered by the server base class and have a server context, an app context, and the request parameters if applicable. MVC-type routes are also processed by the server and pass the same parameters. Still need to actually connect the router to the server - just realized I forgot to do that.

Once that's all in place then all I need to do is bundle the thing up in a gem. My goal is to be able to install the gem "gem install kul" and then be able to "kul run" and have the server start right up. From that point it should dynamically handle any code in the run folder. I.e. the simplest possible execution of a web application that I've ever heard of.  :)

Just thought of a nifty feature. "kul routes" - should dynamically search the folder structure (basically a BFS of the tree) and determine which files are accessible via routing. That's something I've genuinely wished I've had for just regular http servers, much less app servers. Similar to "rake routes" in rails, but it'd be an even more critical feature for a dynamic app server like this.

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