Monday, April 15, 2013

It lives!

Kul v0.0.1 is up on rubygems.

The damned thing actually works. Probably less than a hundred hours of development time, and I've developed a fairly full-featured web application server.

The biggest feature missing at this point is any sort of authentication. There's probably a rack middleware for that though. Yup - omniauth. In order to get that working a person would have to hack into the router pretty deeply though. Something to work on for the future though.

I've tested the gem on both Win7 / JRuby and on Ubuntu / MRI. It worked in both places, although I did have to install nodejs on the linux box in order to provide the javascript runtime for coffee compilation.

I also noticed that the default website points back at the rubygems site, which is something I hate whenever I hit a gem page. It's been changed to github, although I'm not bothering to update the gem since nobody's using the thing.

Need to add a history file now.

I'm giddy now. My app server works.

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