Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Travis CI and RACK_ENV

I'm still working on a major refactor. It's going well, but it's not quite there yet.

Tonight I decided to check in my code, because... I'm a developer. Anyway, unit tests were passing, everybody was happy. environment variable

Code was checked in, and I promptly recieved an email from Travis-CI, telling me that my tests were failing. Except that I ran them before I pushed the code, and it ran fine!

Obviously a configuration difference, but I couldn't figure out what the difference was, since I have my gemfile.lock checked in and was running the same "bundle exec rake" command that Travis was. I had actually figured out the problem and had figured out how to correct the test before I could reproduce the test failure.

Eventually I stumbled onto the Travis environment documentation - and saw the light. Turns out that Travis sets the RACK_ENV=test environment variable, which causes Rack to actually complain about unhandled exceptions, instead of turning them into a 500 like it was in my code. I quickly added the parameter to the top of my spec_helper.rb and voila! - my unit tests began failing!

Never been so happy to see a unit test fail before. Committed my fix and the build works again. Winning!

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